File -> Export

VCML is the Virtual Cell Markup Language and the native Virtual Cell format. The Virtual Cell supports interoperability with other standard representations for biological systems modeling. Non-spatial BioModels can be easily exported as XML and Matlab files when users want to use their models outside of the VCell environment.

Note: If you plan on importing the model back into the Virtual Cell, make sure to export a copy as VCML. SBML is an XML format that should only be used if you need to import the models into another program that requires this format.

Export Formats Available

To export a model, open the BioModel or MathModel document to be export and choose the File -> Export menu option. This opens a "Choose File" dialog. Navigate to the folder where the model has to be saved on your local drive, select the desired export format from the "Files of Type" combobox and press Save.

Exporting to SBML

SBML export is available only for BioModels. Exporting MathModels to SBML will be provided in future versions of VCell. SBML only supports non-spatial, deterministic modeling. Also, since there is no formal representation for electrophysiological models in SBML, if the BioModel to be exported is electrophysiology based, it is simply not exported and an error message is displayed.