VisIt Visualization Tool

The VisIT Visualization Tool is a separate tool for display/analysis of spatial simulation results based on Lawrence Livermore National laboratory 'VisIt' visualization software.

Before starting the VisIt tool, open at least 1 VCell BioModel or MathModel containing simulation results you want to display. After selecting Tools->'Launch VisIt-based Visulaization Tool' VCell will try to automatically locate and run the necessary VisIt software on your computer. If VCell cannot locate the VisIt software a dialog will appear asking you to manually locate the installed VisIt software or download VisIt from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories at, follow link Downloads->Executables to download and install the latest version of VisIt.

Once the VCell VisIt viewer dialog appears start by choosing File->Load Sim from open VCell Models. A selection dialog will appear containing a list of simulations from all currently open BioModels/MathModels on your local computer. Select 1 row from the list and click 'Open'. Once the simulation data has been loaded the VisIt viewer window title will show the model and simulation name you chose. The main parts of the viewer are: