User Login

The Login dialog allows a user to log in to his/her VCell user account to access and manipulate his/her VCell models.

The Login dialog prompts user to provide a 'login ID' (User Name, case sensitive) and password. Clicking OK authenticates the user name and password and if successful, the user is logged in and can proceed with editing/creating models. Clicking Cancel cancels the login process. The user can still create models, but cannot save or run simulations.

If the user has forgotten his/her password, clicking on the Forgot Login Password... button displays a message to the user saying that the password will be sent via email to the user's currently registered email address. The user can choose to accept or cancel the operation.


If the user is trying to use the Virtual Cell for the first time, he/she has to register. Clicking on the New User Registration allows a user to register and use the Virtual Cell.