File -> Save As

This section describes the File->Save As menu option. The Save As menu option allows the user to save a new VCell document - BioModel, MathModel or Geometry. The operation allows a document/model that has already been saved to be saved as a different model, and a new model to be saved in the database for the first time.

Clicking on File->Save As opens the Save document dialog. This dialog displays a list of models of that document type (e.g., while saving BioModels, all BioModels are displayed) that are accessible to the current user, i.e., those that belong to the user and those that are shared with the user by other users and public models. The dialog has a Search section that allows the user to search for models by name and/or by date modified. The lower part of the dialog displays a summary of the model that has been selected from the list. A text field at the bottom of the panel allows the user to key in a name for the model to be saved.

After entering a name, when the user clicks the Save button, the model is saved in the VCell database. If a model that has the same name that the user provided already exists in the user's account, a warning message is displayed asking the user to choose a different name and the 'Save Document' dialog is opened again. If the Cancel button is clicked, the save operation is canceled.