Pathway Links

Objects in the Physiology (species and reactions) and pathway entities in a Pathway Model can be linked. The linked objects are marked with a letter 'L'.

Selecting a single species or a single reaction in the Reaction Diagram, Reactions Table or Species Table enables a Pathway Links button.

If a species or reaction is already linked to a pathway object, there are multiple ways to see Linked pathways objects.

In either case a Pathway Diagram view appear in the main model workspace. Linked objects appear in red in the pathway diagram.

/Add or edit Pathway Links. by selecting Physiology Links -> Edit Physiology Links... to initiate a dialog box with the list of all objects in the Biomodel (physical entities for a species or interactions for a reaction). Create new links or delete existing links by checking/unchecking the checkbox in the table of objects in the dialog box. A Search field is provided for filtering the list of objects.