Creating Geometries from STL files

Geometries can be created by importing from the widely used surface geometry definition format 'STL'. STL files (*.stl) are generated by many freely available surface modelling programs (e.g. Blender).

From within the "Geometry" view panel select the "Geometry Definition" tab.

Create a NEW image based geometry by clicking the "Add/Replace Geometry" button, choose "New..." and select "Mesh Based (import from STL file)". use the file navigator to select the STL file and click "open". The STL file will be read and spatially sampled to generate a 3-D image stack. If the STL file sampling completes without error, the VCell image based geometry editor will appear, click "2. Assume Pre-Segmented" in the dialog that appears. Make any additional edits to the geometry if necessary and click "Finish". (see Image Geometry Editor for more information)