Post Processing Image Data

The Post Processing Image Data panel, accessed as a tab in 3D simulation results, gives access to "microscope" images derived from 3D data through Z-projections or gaussian convolution. (Note: The panel will indicate "No Data" if data you are viewing was generated from a simulation run on a version of VCell earlier then 5.2 or if flourescence functions were not specified prior to the simulation run)

Post Process Image Data: If a point spread function for one or more flourescence functions was selected in the Microscope Measurements tab under Application Protocols (prior to running a simulation), computed images for each flourescent function can be selected from the list under the PostProcess Image Data label. The image will appear in the pane to the right. At the lower left is a time slider. In the case of Z Projections, a single two dimensional image is produced. For gaussian convolution, a slider at the lower right of the panel allows one to browse through Z slices.