Membrane Surface Viewer

The Membrane Surface Viewer displays a membrane variable as a 3D rendered surface that can be rotated, zoomed and panned. Hovering the mouse pointer over a point on the surface displays the variable's value. The rendered display is initialized with the color scaling and data values for the current membrane variable name and time point.

The Surface Table contains information and controls to adjust the display of the rendered membrane surface. Each row represents an individual surface with the following column information:

Statistics button Starts calculation of minimum, maximum and mean statistics on the currently define ROI.

Define ROI... button shows dialog with options to define different kinds of region of interest (ROI) settings. Cntrl-click the mouse over the surface once an ROI mode has been set.

Make Movie... button Shows dialog with options create a 'QuickTime' formatted movie sequence over selected timepoints using all the settings for the current surface view