Simulations Editor

In the "Simulation" tab, highlight the simulation you want to edit and clicking the "Edit Simulation" button leads to you a simulation editor. The simulation editor will have 2 or 3 tabs depending on whether the simulation is non-spatial or spatial. "Parameters" and "Solver" tabs always appear while "Mesh" is only present for spatial simulations.


Displays a summary list of the Parameters, the Default, Changed or Scanned Values used in the simulation. VCell is able to run complex simulations in which one or more parameters vary according to a specified list or range of possible values. Altering parameter values allows you to quickly and easily modify your model description without having to make a complete new BioModel or access the BioModel dialog. Parameter scans enable the user to do “brute force” exploration of the parameter space of a model in a single simulation specification without having to manually create, edit, and run many individual simulations that would test the different combinations of parameter values. Right-click menu allows for copying and pasting parameter values.

Mesh (see definition Mesh)

This tab is only available in spatial models with resolved geometries. Specify Geometry size and Mesh size for spatial models.


This tab allows user to choose a desired solver, set time bounds, time step and error tolerance, select output options and other miscellaneous settings. All the options/choices in this panel vary according to the selected solver.