Simulations Overview

Once a MathModel or an 'application' in a BioModel is created at least 1 simulation must be defined to generate numerical results. You can create, copy, edit, run (local or remote), stop and delete simulations. The simulations panel also shows the running status (% progress,results available) of all simulations. Select a simulation row to display additional information in the properties panel below, launch a data viewer for simulation that have been run and display parameter scan information. Model parameters can be changed for each simulation without changing the overall model. Simulation parameter scans can be defined to iterate over a set of model parameters, automatically generating separate results for each combination of parameter values. The panel also contains 'Output Functions' to add user defined data expressions that are displayed when simulation results are shown.

There are three sub-tabs under "Simulations" tab:

Right-clicking on a simulation row will reveal a drop down submenu providing a way to edit End Time and Output Option (frequency of saved data points).