VCell Database

The Virtual Cell Database repository stores all the models created using the Virtual Cell software. The current user has access to the models created by him/her, models that are shared with the current user by other VCell users and those that are public.

The Virtual Cell Database can be accessed from 'Database' panel on the lower left corner of any VCell document window. The first tab in this panel is the VCell Database tab. Choosing this tab displays another set of 3 tabs - BioModels, MathModels, and Geometry that display the accessible models of that document type.

The VCell DB tab has a Search section that allows the user to search for models by name (and annotations). Under Advanced searches can also include date modified and models that contain 1 or more species names. The models are listed in a tree structure as 'folders'. The number of models stored in the database under each 'folder' is displayed in parenthesis. The possible folders that are listed include:

Expanding a tree node displays all the models of the user stored in the VCell database. Each model, when expanded, will list all the versions/editions of the models stored. Selecting any model or one of its versions lists a summary of the model (about its applications, geometries, simulations, annotations, etc) in the Selected BioModel Summary in the lower panel of the window.

Right clicking any selected model brings up a pop-up menu. The options available are:

Selecting a model of any document type in the VCell Database displays the database information for the model in the Database File Info tab in the 'Properties' panel on the lower right hand corner of any VCell document. See Database Info for more information.