Problems Tab

The Problems Tab within the Properties pane provides errors and warnings identified by VCell.

Below is an example of problems of various severities, two of which are Errors and the other five are Warnings.

The first column of the table describes the nature of the problem, the second gives the name of the entity involved (entities may be species, reaction, kinetic parameters, structures, a.s.o.). The third column describes to location where the problem occurred (for example in the Physiology / Reactions table or an Application-specific problem in the Species / Specifications panel).

This icon indicates errors that are serious enough to render your BioModel inconsistent. All errors must be corrected before a BioModel can be saved.

Double clicking on a problem (for example the one highlighted in the image above) will open the panel where the problem occurred and place the selection on the entity involved. In this example it is an attribute of a species belonging to a 3D stochastic application.

The Problems Panel is not the only way to identify problems. Each table will display a small Error or Warning icon next to the entity involved. A colored border will also be drawn around the table row of the entity, red for Errors and orange for Warnings.

Finally, hovering the mouse cursor over such an icon will open a tool tip window which a description of the problem and sometimes with suggestions about a possible fix.

See the Errors List or Warnings List for additional explanations.