Applications Overview

Applications allow users to specify the quantitative conditions needed to define, run and visualize a Virtual Experiment, i.e. a numerical simulation of the BioModel with specific initial conditions, within a given geometry, and with a selected type of simulation method. In the Application,

Applications can be


Additionally, by defining Geometry, deterministic, stochastic or network-free applications can be made:

The Application directory displays the Applications associated with the BioModel. The main window displays the selected application and provides buttons to create new applications or to delete or copy applications. Properties for a selected object (e.g. species, reaction, simulation) are displayed in the Properties Pane below the main window.

Create a new application by selecting "Applications" in the left menu. Right click opens a menu to create either a deterministic or stochastic application. Or, use the New Application button in the main window.

View/Edit application components and properties by double-clicking, or selecting the + icon beside, the 'Applications' tree in the navigation panel to expose the names of applications contained in the BioModel; select one of the Application names to activate the 'view' and 'properties' panels that display all the application detail editors.