Compartment Simulation Results Viewer

Results for compartmental (non-spatial) simulations can be displayed as a graph (Plot) or a table of the values (Values). Use the toggle buttons at the lower right of the Results Viewer to switch between Plot and Values views. The default view is Plot of a single variable from the model on the Y axis against time on the X axis. Results from Stochastic multi-trial simulations are displayed as a histogram (see Stochastic results viewer).

X and Y Axes: Select a variable for each axis and the graph will update accordingly. A different line color is displayed for each variable plotted on the y-axis. Use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to step through the list of variables; the graph will update with each variable change. You can select more than one variable by using the Shift key for sequential variables or by using the Ctrl key for random variables. Simulation results are displayed as a graph of the values. Mousing over the graph will give values at individual points. The default view is Plot of a single variable from the model on the Y axis against time on the X axis. Results from Stochastic multi-trial simulations are displayed as a histogram (see Simulations Editor for creating Stochastic multi-trial simulations).

Time Series Plot: The Time Series plot is specified by selecting the independent variable t, in the X axis choice box, and a dependent variable in the Y axis choice box.

Phase Plane Plots: Phase Plane plots are generated and displayed by selecting two dependent variables, one for the X axis and another for the Y axis.

Toggle Plot/Data views: You can toggle between plot and data values by pressing the Values icon. From the Data table view, you can copy the values and paste directly into a tab delimited spreadsheet. Use ctrl-C to copy individual cells and ctrl-K to copy all the data values. Right-click a cell to bring up the copy menu: Copy for the individual cell, Copy All for all data values.

Click here for information on Plot Settings

Histogram of Stochastic Simulations: For Stochastic Applications, when multiple trials of a stochastic simulation is run (See chapter on Numerical Solvers , regarding stochastic integrators), the results of the final run are displayed as a histogram instead of a plot. The X-axis of the histograms is auto-ranged to the possible values for the variable plotted on the Y-axis. The Y-axis is the calculated distribution of the variable over the range of possible values based on the results of the simulation trials. The calculated values for the distributions can be viewed by using the toggle button.

Log Sensitivity: Log Sensitivity is active when Sensitivity Analysis was chosen in simulation solver settings . Sensitivity results that were calculated as the simulation ran are available in two ways.

View Data for Parameter Values: When simulations have one or more parameter scans, a table of all parameters which have been scanned is shown as a table at the bottom of the window. The column headers have the name of the parameters, and each column has rows listing actual values that were used. To see the data for another combination of values, click in the parameter value table and select different values for one or more of the parameters. The data for a single or multiple variables can be displayed simultaneously for multiple parameter scan results.

Values Display: The reference to x and y axes are retained in the table view of values. The variable selected in the y- axis drop down window is placed in the first column. A single or multiple variables can be chosen. For each variable selected, a column is added. Single and multiple cells within the table may also be selected. Use ctrl C to copy individual cells and ctrl K to copy all the cells into a spreadsheet. Alternatively, hold down the right mouse button to ac- cess a menu with Copy and Copy All options.