Publish A VCell Model 2019-07-08T19:55:46+00:00
  1. Provide readers with a pointer.
    In the paper, direct users to the Virtual Cell database accessible via the software, then refer to your username and the name of the public biomodel. Users will find the model in your username folder. e.g. The Virtual Cell Model, “modelname”, is available in the public domain at under the shared username “username”.
  2. Acknowledge the Virtual Cell resource.
    The Virtual Cell is supported by NIH Grant Number P41 GM103313 from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences.
  3. Let readers view your model.
    All models in Virtual Cell begin as private models. To let others see your model, you must change the permissions for the model in the Virtual Cell Database. There are two options.
    At a minimum, change your model to a Public model. File>Manage Database – Right click on your model and choose Permission; check “Public” and then OK.
    Ideally, Publish and Archive your model. This saves your model in an unmodifiable state, presumably the same state as that used for the published simulations.
  4. Let us know
    We will add your publication to the list of published models associated with the Virtual Cell. Simply fill out the form below.

Virtual Cell Publication Submission Form

Submit your publication reference information and the VCell model cited in your publication.