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Tutorial Guides (pdf) for VCell
Moving Boundaries
Multiple Application of a Nuclear Transport (Neuroblastoma Stack for Tutorial) (CSV File) (ver 7.2)
Rule-Based Modeling (single compartment) EGFR model (ver 6.1)
Rule-Based Modeling (multiple compartments with transport and anchoring) Ran model (ver 6.1)
simple FRAP (ver 7.2)
 FRAP with binding (ver 7.2)
  PH-GFP Translocation (ver 7.2)
 Using Pathway Commmons (ver 6.0)
2020 Computational Cell Biology Workshop
Video Description Presenter
Basics of Reaction Kinetics and Diffusion Les Loew
Virtual Cell (VCell) Tutorial Ann Cowan
COPASI Tutorial Pedro Mendes
Stochastic Simulations Pedro Mendes, Boris Slepchenko
Deterministic Spatial Simulations Masoud Nickaeen
SpringSaLaD Tutorial Aniruddha Chattaraj
Rule-Based Modeling Michael Blinov
Parameter Estimation Stefan Hoops
Quick Start Guides
Quick Start Guide (6.0)
Rule-based Modeling Guide VCell 6.1 (single compartment)
Rule-based Modeling Guide VCell 6.1 (compartmental/spatial)
VCell Wikipedia Page
VCell Wikipedia
VCell Video Tutorial