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University of Connecticut Health Center - Know Better Care VCell - The Virtual Cell

Run VCell Software

  • Introducing new VCell installers created using the Install4J cross-platform installer builder.
  • VCell performance improvements supported by JProfiler

Release Version - VCell 5.3

New Features in VCell 5.3
OS Download
Mac OS X 64-bit install guide VCell Installer* DMG Archive (104 MB)
Windows 64-bit VCell Installer* Executable Installer (90 MB)
Windows 32-bit VCell Installer* Executable Installer (90 MB)
Linux 64-bit VCell Installer* Executable Installer (56 MB)
Linux 32-bit VCell Installer* Executable Installer (55 MB)

VCell 6.0 will be available within days

New Features in VCell 6.0

  • Specifying rule-based model in a graphical user interface.
  • No need to learn any scripting language.
  • Reactions and rules can be mixed in a single compartmental model
  • Reaction network can be generated with BioNetGen engine and simulated with VCell simulators (deterministic, stochastic, PDE or spatial stochastic).
  • A set of rules can be simulated with Network-Free Simulator NFSim

Mac OS X Installation Guide


Publish Your Models

All users of the Virtual Cell are asked to acknowledge NRCAM and NIGMS in their publications: Directions for published Virtual Cell Models

VCell Software

The Virtual Cell is a software modeling environment for quantitative cell biological research. Users can create simple or complex multi-layered models with a Java web-based interface. Distinct biological and mathematical frameworks exist within a single graphical interface designed for experimental cell biologists or theoretical biophysicists. New users are required to register when they first run the Virtual Cell Software.

The Virtual Cell, a project of NRCAM, is developed by the Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling (CCAM)