2023-09-22. VCell collaborator Aurélie Carlier from Maastricht University published a manuscript where a computational model in VCell was used to represent the experimentally proven interactions between cadherin-11 and the two PDGFRs. The authors demonstrated the existence of a crosstalk between β-catenin (downstream to cadherin-11) and an ERK inhibitor protein (e.g. DUSP1).
Karagöz, Z., Passanha, F. R., Robeerst, L., van Griensven, M., LaPointe, V. L., & Carlier, A. (2023). Computational evidence for multi-layer crosstalk between the cadherin-11 and PDGFR pathways. Scientific Reports13(1), 15804. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37737289/
VCell biomodels is available at https://vcell.org/karagoz-2023

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