2024-02-12. Ingo Dreyer (U Talca, Chile) and Kai Konrad (U Wuerzburg, Germany) used VCell to design and simulate a model explaining the properties of transporter networks and the coupling of transport across the PM and VM. They demonstrated fundamental principles of coupled ion transport at membrane sandwiches to control H+ /K+ homeostasis and points to transceptor-like Ca2+ /H+ -based ion signaling in plant cells.
Kunkun Li, Christina Grauschopf, Rainer Hedrich, Ingo Dreyer, Kai R Konrad (2024). K+ and pH homeostasis in plant cells is controlled by a synchronized K+ /H+ antiport at the plasma and vacuolar membrane. New Phytol. 241(4):1525-1542. 
VCell biomodels is available at https://vcell.org/biomodel-270051643

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