New published model of the PLC/PKC pathway

July 10th, 2017|News, NRCAM publication, Uncategorized, VCell Posts|

2017-07-10. A new publication in Biophysical Journal by Mohan et al. uses a VCell model to define mechanisms for signal amplification in the PLC/PKC pathway during chemotaxis.  Link to the publication and view model details from our Published Models listing.

VCell model of Plant and fungal transporters

May 10th, 2017|News, NRCAM publication|

2017-05-10. A VCell model has recently been published by Wittek et al. that describes the battle between fungal and plant  sugar transporters. View model details from our Published Models listing.

New VCell model of kidney podocyte cytoskeleton

March 10th, 2017|News, NRCAM publication|

2017-03-10. A new model from the Iyengar and Loew laboratories examines how cytoskeletal dynamics effect local changes in the complex morphology of kidney podocytes. Link to the publication and view model details from our Published Models listing.

New publication describes hybrid deterministic – stochastic spatial solver

December 28th, 2016|News, NRCAM publication|

A new publication in PLoS Computational Biology from Boris Slepchenko and coworkers describes the new hybrid deterministic stochastic spatial solver used in VCell.  Schaff, J.C., F. Gao, Y. Li, I.L. Novak, and B.M. Slepchenko. 2016. Numerical Approach to Spatial Deterministic-Stochastic Models Arising in Cell Biology. PLoS Comput Biol. 12:e1005236. PMID 27959915


September 15th, 2016|News, NRCAM publication|

2016-09-15 A new publication in Bioinformatics by Jim Schaff and Michael Blinov describes the new Rule-based modeling features in VCell 6.0. See Schaff et al., 2016. Rule-based modeling with Virtual Cell. BioInformatrics 23:2880-2882, PMID 27497444

February 2nd, 2016|News, NRCAM publication|

2016-02-02 Paul Michalski and Les Loew describe their new Spring SaLaD sofware for spatial, stochastic, particle-based modeling of biochemical systems at the mesoscale. See the publication Michalski and Loew, 2016. SpringSaLaD: A Spatial, Particle-Based Biochemical Simulation Platform with Excluded Volume. Biophysical Journal 110:523-529. PMID 26840718