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Ding et al., 2020

2020-03-11T14:10:40+00:00 March 11th, 2020|publication, publication-2020|

Two MYB Proteins in a Self-Organizing Activator-Inhibitor System Produce Spotted Pigmentation Patterns.
Ding, B., E.L. Patterson, S.V. Holalu, J. Li, G.A. Johnson, L.E. Stanley, A.B. Greenlee, F. Peng, H.D. Bradshaw, M.L. Blinov, B.K. Blackman, and Y.-W. Yuan
Current Biology. 30:802-814.e8
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: colreeze,   model name: Monkeyflower_pigmentation_v2

VCell 7.2 Released

2019-12-10T18:33:39+00:00 December 10th, 2019|News|

2019-12-10. VCell 7.2 has been released.  See the Release Notes for a full list of the many new features in VCell 7.2 including new functionality to store identifiers and text annotations for model components, a service linking VCell simulation with ImageJ image analysis functions, rate rules and assignment rules in ODE applications, improved SBML import along with several other improvements.

20th Annual VCell Short Course

2020-03-11T15:49:18+00:00 June 30th, 2019|News, VCell Posts|

2019-6-18  CCAM hosted a Computational Cell Biology Workshop on June 24-26, 2019, a combined workshop for both VCell and COPASI modeling software. Ten scientists from the US, Netherlands and Germany traveled to work with the VCell and COPASI teams to construct models based on their own research interests. It was exciting to see VCell and COPASI models applied to such interesting cell biology projects.  Thanks to all for a very successful course!

Getz et al., 2019

2019-07-11T15:21:08+00:00 June 15th, 2019|publication, publication-2019|

A predictive computational model reveals that giv/girdin serves as a tunable valve for egfr-stimulated cyclic amp signals.
Getz, M., L. Swanson, D. Sahoo, P. Ghosh, and P. Rangamani
Mol Biol Cell. 2019 30: 1621-1633.
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: mgetz,   model name: A predictive computational model reveals that GIV/Girdin serves as a tunable valve for EGFR-stimulated Cyclic AMP Signals


2019-07-11T15:13:14+00:00 June 15th, 2019|biomodel|

Name: “A predictive computational model reveals that GIV/Girdin serves as a tunable valve for EGFR-stimulated Cyclic AMP Signals”
Saved: Apr 30, 2019
vcell identifier: biomodel-156134818
Owned by: “mgetz”

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New model of GIV/girdin modulation of cyclic AMP signals

2019-11-08T20:53:14+00:00 June 13th, 2019|News|

2019-06-13. A new Molecular Biology of the Cell publication from the Rangamani lab uses VCell and COPASI to develop a model to examine cross-talk between receptor tyrosine kinases and G proteins that regulate cAMP levels.   Visit our published models page for links to the paper and to the VCell Biomodel.

Dreyer et al., 2019

2019-07-12T18:59:20+00:00 June 12th, 2019|publication, publication-2019|

Nutrient exchange in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis from a thermodynamic point of view.
Dreyer, I., O. Spitz, K. Kanonenberg, K. Montag, M.R. Handrich, S. Ahmad, S. Schott-Verdugo, C. Navarro-Retamal, M.E. Rubio-Melendez, J.L. Gomez-Porras, J. Riedelsberger, M.A. Molina-Montenegro, A. Succurro, A. Zuccaro, S.B. Gould, P. Bauer, L. Schmitt, and H. Gohlke
New Phytol. 2019 222: 1043-1053.
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: idreyer,   model name: AMF Symbiosis with SWEET