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Nizam et al., 2019

2019-07-12T19:18:46+00:00 February 5th, 2019|publication, publication-2019|

Serendipita indica e5′nt modulates extracellular nucleotide levels in the plant apoplast and affects fungal colonization.
Nizam, S., X. Qiang, S. Wawra, R. Nostadt, F. Getzke, F. Schwanke, I. Dreyer, G. Langen, and A. Zuccaro
EMBO reports. 2019 20: e47430.
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: idreyer,   model name: Schott_et_al_2016 AMF Symbiosis with SWEET

VCell 7.1 released

2018-11-20T15:47:19+00:00 November 20th, 2018|News|

17-11-2018.   Announcing the release of VCell 7.1.  VCell 7.1 adds the ability to explore existing models in the database and VCell functionality without registration. It has an improved model database info panel with model provenance, annotations, direct links to Pubmed and journal websites for models described in publications.  These add to the new features for 2D kinematics to solve simulations with moving boundaries and the ability to use the COMSOL Multiphysics solver already in VCell 7.0.

Rzeczycki et al., 2018

2019-11-08T19:25:24+00:00 November 12th, 2018|publication, publication-2018|

Mechanopharmaceutical Device (1): Measuring the Cargo Capacity of Macrophages in a Living Organism.
Rzeczycki, P., T. Woldemichael, A. Willmer, M.D. Murashov, J. Baik, R. Keswani, G.S. Yoon, K.A. Stringer, N. Rodriguez-Hornedo, and G.R. Rosania.
Pharmaceutical Research 2018, 36 (1), 12.
doi: 10.1007/s11095-018-2539-6
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: awillmer,   model name: Macrophage Cargo Capacity


2019-11-08T19:00:41+00:00 November 12th, 2018|biomodel|

Name: “An Expandable Mechanopharmaceutical Device (1): Measuring the Cargo Capacity of Macrophages in a Living Organism”
Saved: May 30, 2019
vcell identifier: biomodel-158495696
Owned by: “awillmer”

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19th Annual VCell Short Course

2018-09-18T20:14:42+00:00 June 18th, 2018|News, VCell Posts|

2018-6-18  VCell hosted  its 19th annual VCell Short Course on June 12-14, 2018. Ten scientists traveled to work with the VCell team to construct Virtual Cell models based on their own research interests. It was exciting to see the breadth of cell biological problems to which VCell models were applied.  Thanks to all for a successful time!