Scott et al., 2021

2021-08-17T18:37:37+00:00 May 8th, 2021|publication, publication-2021|

A spatial model of YAP/TAZ signaling reveals how stiffness, dimensionality, and shape contribute to emergent outcomes.
Scott, K.E.; Fraley, S.I.;Rangamani, P.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2021, 118 (20): e2021571118.
VCell BioModels referenced in publication
user: prangamani, biomodel name: Scott_Fraley_Rangamani_YAP_TAZ_model_2021(Rho and FAK confined simulations (true 2D)
user: prangamani, biomodel name: Scott_Fraley_Rangamani_YAP_TAZ_model_2021(2D and 3D simulations)

Sardi et al., 2021

2021-04-15T19:22:18+00:00 April 15th, 2021|publication, publication-2021|

Mad Dephosphorylation at the Nuclear Pore Is Essential for Asymmetric Stem Cell Division.
Sardi, J.; Bener, M. B.; Simao, T.; Descoteaux, A. E.; Slepchenko, B. M.; Inaba, M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2021, 118 (13): e2006786118.
VCell MathModels referenced in publication
user: boris, model name: Inaba_Model_public_final

Eroume et al., 2021

2021-04-02T17:30:45+00:00 March 18th, 2021|publication, publication-2021|

On the influence of cell shape on dynamic reaction-diffusion polarization patterns.
Eroumé, K.; Vasilevich, A.; Vermeulen, S.; de Boer, J.; Carlier, A.
PLoS One 2021, 16 (3), e0248293.
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: KerbaicBITE, model name: Kerbai_PLoSone_2021_teardrop_polarization_minimal
user: KerbaicBITE, model name: Kerbai_PLoSone_2021_teardrop_polarization_extended

Myeong et al., 2020

2020-12-07T21:59:50+00:00 December 7th, 2020|publication, publication-2020|

Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate is regenerated by speeding of the PI 4-kinase pathway during long PLC activation.
Myeong, J.; de la Cruz, L.; Jung, R.; Yeon, J.-H.; Suh, B.-C.; Koh, D.-S.; Hille, B.
J Gen Physiol. 2020. 152 (12): e202012627.
VCell BioModels referenced in publication:
user: Myeong,   model name: PI cycle Figure 4 & S4
user: Myeong, model name: PI cycle Figure 6, 7 & S9